What is Healthy Elimination?

what-is-healthy-eliminationWe all are leading a fast paced, stressful lives, junk food, sedentary lifestyle, eating on run, lack of bodily activity, multitasking-all these things together are taking a toll on excretory functions and finally our digestive health. Sometimes minor observations help in preventing bigger troubles from coming across.

To Stay away from constipation, ensure healthy elimination. As per Ayurveda, healthy elimination occurs once or twice a day. The first bowel movement occurs after a few minute after you wake up and it is ideally before sunrise. In case the second bowel movement occurs, it is later in the day after taking meal, either afternoon or evening. By examining stools one can be easily become aware about the health of our digestive system. You may find it slightly funny that even stools can be healthy. But YES- it is. Here is the way to examine that your stools are balanced or not:

  • Well formed, consistency of a ripe banana
  • Light brownish yellow in color
  • Float easily (when enters the toilet bowl containing water)
  • Maintain its shape after elimination
  • Non Sticky (Anal orifice is cleaned and stools easily does not to the toilet)
  • Slightly Oily Consistency
  • Light and Mild Odor

Get some time out of your busy schedule to know about your digestive health. Developing relation with your body and understanding its language help you to prevent many things in the very beginning, before it turns out to be a bigger trouble.

Our body gives us the signals. It is up to us when to catch it

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What is Healthy Elimination?
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