Acidity: Causes and some Easy Tips to avoid it

Acidity happens when; the lower sphincter muscle of the food pipe does not function in a proper manner. Due to this the acids of the stomach flow back into the food pipe. It causes an uncomfortable feeling in the chest area. You may be wondering what this sphincter muscle is. It is a ring of 

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  • Health-Benefits-of-Ajwain-that-Everybody-should-Know

    Health Benefits of Ajwain that Everybody should Know

    Nature provides us with the amazing Healing Power for our each and every health issues. It’s up to us how can we utilize all these nature’s secrets. Due to the fast-paced world that we are living in, we are getting far from Nature. Nowadays our sedentary lifestyle cause harm to our health. Some small changes 

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  • Acidity and Constipation

    Acidity and Constipation

    Acidity and Constipation are close cousins. The one who suffers from indigestion (dyspepsia/upset stomach) has suffered from both acidity and constipation. Indigestion / upset stomach is a broader term recounting for the discomforting kind of pain in the upper abdomen. Bloating, nausea and burping are the associated array of symptoms accompanying indigestion. Indigestion results in acidity which causes 

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  • What Causes Acid in the Stomach

    What Causes Acid in the Stomach?

    Acid Reflux or Acidity are the common terms used for the excess production of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach. In Stomach, Hydrochloric acid is responsible for the breakdown and digestion of foods. But in some conditions there id increase in the production of hydrochloric acid which cause symptoms like acidity, acid reflux, 

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