Some Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Digestion

The digestive system of our body works a lot to convert the food we eat into the nutrition or energy we need. The slow or improper working of it can put a negative impact on the health of the whole body. Therefore, it is important to learn how to keep your digestive health healthy.

We often take our digestive health for granted mainly when the busy lifestyles demand quick food choices. This disturbs the normal cycle and causes various problems related to stomach.

Why is a Healthy Digestive System Important?

Apart from breaking down and digesting the food, digestive system maintains a balance of bacteria inside the gut. The balanced levels mean a healthy digestive system which further helps to protect the immune system. This results in efficient removal of waste material from the body.

But certain factors like poor diet, stress, lack of sleep and aging imbalance the level of gut bacteria. If your gut is not balanced, your mind and whole body will be off too.

By following certain do’s and don’ts you can keep your digestive system on the right track. This will help to improve your digestion and avoid constipation problem, heartburn, bloating and gas etc.

Let’s look at these Do’s and Don’ts in detail!

Don’t Eat in a Hurry :

It is important to chew your food in a proper manner before swallowing it.

Don’t Eat-in-a-Hurry-for-a-Healthy-Digestion

Many experts suggest approx. 20 chews per bite. This will produce saliva which further offers powerful digestive enzymes.

Don’t Lie Down Right after Eating :

It is common to feel sleepy after having a meal. This is because feeling full gives an urge to take a nap. It may be a reaction of your body to the biochemical changes which take place during digestion.


You must avoid taking a nap.  As the lying down right after eating helps the acids of the stomach to travel up in the food pipe. This increases the chances of acidity. It’s better to refrain from eating within 3 hours of going to sleep is a good acidity problem solution.

Don’t Resist. If you have to go; just go!

If your body gives a signal to go, you must go. Holding on makes you miss the opportunity of going altogether. Moreover, postponing the bathroom trips in repetition may lead to constipation problem.

Don’t Overeat Late at Night :

Eating late night can have a bad impact on the weight and metabolism as it disturbs the production of sleep hormone.


Plus, while sleeping your body works in a slow manner, thus food you have eaten will not be digested. This, in turn, can cause problems like acidity, gas and bloating.

Do Stay Hydrated :

Keeping your body hydrated is important for the proper functioning of all the systems.


The fluids help to carry nutrients to the cells, flush out toxins from the bladder and preventing chronic constipation. Hence, proper hydration is important for flushing waste out of the body.

Do Improve Your Posture :

Maintaining good posture matters as it may help to ease the discomfort related to acidity. Staying upright may help to contract or relax your muscles when the food passes through your body during digestion. However, when you’re slouched, the food may move back and out of the stomach into the food pipe.

Do Move More :

It is seen that active people have smoother digestion. A gentle movement is helpful for the proper working of the digestive system. It does so by stimulating the contractions of intestines which aids the passage of stool through the colon. Taking a light walk and exercising on regular basis is one of the best remedies for constipation and other digestive problems. Try not to exercise on a full stomach as it can lead to poor digestion.

Do Add Fiber to Your Diet :

Fiber is helpful in slowing the absorption rate of foods. Plus it helps to reduce the hunger pangs and cravings. Eating a low fiber diet slows down the movement of food in the digestive system, which leads to constipation. Some of the best sources of dietary fiber are fruits, vegetables and beans.

Keep these Do’s and don’ts in your mind and follow them for a healthy digestion. It is important to keep your digestive system in good health to stay away from any stomach related issues.

Moreover, if you often face the problem of constipation, you can take Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules.


This ayurvedic laxative keeps your digestive system healthy and cures problems like constipation, acidity and gastric pain.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Digestion
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