Problems you can face due to an Unhealthy Gut

Your stomach is an important organ of the body as it helps to digest whatever you eat or drink. Proper digestion of food is a must to stay healthy. The Stomach is a little organ that has powers to control how you feel, look and think.

The stomach is the key to a long-lasting health. It is a fact that stomach acts as a denominator for most of the health problems today. According to studies of doctors, digestive health is very important for complete body health.

If your stomach is unhealthy, along with stomach your body also suffers. Your body gives you warning signals to make you aware that your stomach or gut is not healthy.

Let’s discuss these signals in detail.

Problems due to an unhealthy Gut :

Digestive Problems :

Whenever we speak about the unhealthy gut, digestive problems come in the mind first. Unhealthy gut can be a root cause of many problems. If you are having any of the following problems, then it is a sign of unhealthy gut.


  • Gastric pains: – it happens when gas is not moving well in the digestive system.
  • Acidity: – it happens when the stomach sends its acidic content back to the food pipe. Acidity often creates a burning sensation in the lower chest area, after eating.
  • Bloating: – it is a condition which occurs when the air or gas fills up in the digestive tract. The stomach becomes swollen, hard and tight.
  • Constipation: – it is a common problem in which there is a difficulty in passing out stools. There are irregular bowel movements.


Getting Sick More Often :

There is a close link between the immune system and gut health. 70-80 percent of immunity lies in the gut or intestinal tissue. So an unhealthy gut can disturb the immunity of your body, making you catch all the germs in the air.


Depression and Anxiety :

The lining of the intestine is full of nerves and the tissues of these nerves are similar to that of a brain. These nerves communicate with your brain.


Intestines help to make you feel good by a discharge of feel-good neurotransmitters. For mental balance and to stay stress-free it is important to have a healthy gut.


Skin Issues :

For all the skin conditions it is not important that problem lies in the skin. Unhealthy gut or stomach can be a reason for skin problems too. If the bacteria of the gut are out of balance, you can have following skin issues.

  • Acne or Pimples
  • Skin Allergies
  • Skin with red, itchy and flaking patches


Lack of Energy  :

An imbalance of gut bacteria does not let the body to absorb all the nutrients from foods. This lack of nutrients takes away energy from the body. This lack of energy leads to tiredness and laziness.

An unhealthy gut gives entry to all the toxins through intestines. These unhealthy toxins have a negative effect on the energy levels of the body.


So, these are some of the problems because of an unhealthy gut. Now let’s discuss how you can deal with it.


Tips for building a healthy gut:-

  • Take nutrient-rich foods: Eat clean and colorful foods which give you all the important nutrients. This can help to maintain a balance of gut bacteria and keep it healthy.
  • Eat less sugar: –Sugar is responsible for the unhealthy bacteria. Reducing sugar from the diet can keep the gut healthy.
  • Hydrate the body: Water holds importance for every function of the body. Drinking water can also maintain a healthy gut.
  • Chew the food: –Not chewing the food well enough can cause unhealthy digestion. So to have a healthy gut, chewing of food in a proper manner is important.


If your body is showing any of these signs, don’t ignore it. Little problems can lead to big disasters. So, listen to your stomach and take suitable measures.


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Problems you can face due to an Unhealthy Gut
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