Overeating is a very popular and common term these days. It is not a disease but is a precursor of many diseases like obesity, stomach related ailments for example (diarrhea, constipation), heart problems, hypertension, stress etc.

OvereatingA basic definition of overeating is eating in excess. Now, what is eating in excess imply? It implies to consuming large portion diet with high calories. After consuming such diet, an individual feels uncomfortably full.

We all tend to overeat at one time or the other. In different life instances like celebrations, parties and vacations, we tend to overeat. Some individuals may be habitual excessive eaters.

Each one of us has different eating habits. One may be a strict follower of `three meals a day’ schedule or someone who binges upon small meals after every two hours. It just depends on which eating schedule we were made to follow when we were children. No sooner than later, we happen to realize that our eating habits are the major culprit in the underlying disease condition we are being gripped with in later stages of our lives.

Overeating can brim from the following causes. These are as follows:-

  • Bad eating habitsOvereating-Causes
  • Body image disorder (lean and weak body type)
  • Food addiction
  • Stress
  • Long term dieting schedules (Restrictive diet-a meal in front of you after a long time, one cannot resist the temptation)
  • Skipping meals
  • Eating heavily processed foods (These processed foods are packed with additives, flavorings, and textures)
  • Lack of sleep
  • Food fatigue (Having more than 100 choices of food to eat, Tough food decisions!!! hence confusion!! Leading you to path of overeating)
  • Regular gyming or exercise routines ( regular intake of fluids is necessary after regular intervals –lest overeating happens)

Overeating and Constipation

Overeating-and-ConstipationHaving understood the causes of overeating, Let us catch up why Overeating and Constipation go together. Outsmarting Overeating? You may be able to outsmart constipation along. Let us understand how?



Procedural step wise explanation is as follows:-

  • Overloaded stomach causes long digestion times.
  • When you overeat (eating regularly even without being hungry) , your little stomach gets overloaded.
  • A long digestion time causes the food to stay for a longer duration in your stomach.
  • Big chunks of food slows down the bowel movement (hence constipation).Refer this for details- http://petsaffa.com/blog/acidity-and-constipation/
  • More the food, more the chances of difficult bowel movement. Also accompanied by it, you may experience gastric problems like gas, acidity and indigestion. Refer this for details- http://petsaffa.com/blog/gas-and-indigestion/
  • Dry hard stools can add to the problem. When stool stays in the colon for longer duration, more water is extracted. These dry hard stools makes elimination painful (hence can lead to chronic constipation).

Overeating indefinitely puts a strain on your little stomach and colon. In crux, your digestive system suffers a lot due to overeating. Running on empty stomach for long or dieting for flat belly?-Kindly reconsider your diet timings and how much calories are you binging in your diet.

Treating Overeating

Treating overeating is not tough. A little willpower and right state of mind can work for you. Some tips one can choose to avoid overeating. These are as follows:-

  • Treating-overeatingStay away from foods which gives you lot of calories (especially when you are meal skipper and all you eat in your one meal time is big chunks of these high calorie foods)
  • For the sake for your little stomach and digestive health, do not skip meals
  • Sleep for 6-7 hours at night
  • Avoid emotional eating (eating more when you are stressed and in bad mood is natural-owe to hormone cortisol. Always remember-Stress shoots up your cortisol levels, which is responsible for hunger and overeating.)
  • Chew your food slowly (take 20 minutes for your meal time)
  • Say goodbye to stress
  • Inculcate healthy eating habits in children (this last tip is for parents)


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         `Take care of your digestive health by avoiding Overeating’

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