Know how sitting too long can affect your Stomach Health

Sitting too long can cause a lot of health problems be it obesity, poor posture etc. But its effect on the health of stomach is often neglected. Many people have office jobs that keep them sitting at a desk or in front of computers for long hours. Such people are living a sedentary lifestyle. People who have health limitations, illness or conditions to stay on the bed too come under this category.

Such people with sitting jobs may find themselves dealing with the problem of chronic constipation. This is because our body is designed to move. But sitting in one posture for long can cause problems in removing wastes.

This is a part of the list of causes of constipation and may clog the bowel movements. A sedentary lifestyle can cause waste removal issues because of two main reasons. First one is that you don’t move much at work. The second one is when you get back home, you’re tired and may not move much then either. So, lack of physical movement may be a root cause of your irregular bowel issues.

The problem of constipation can discomfort you and disturb your routine life. It can be a cause of other medical problems too. So, if you spend every day of your life sitting in the same posture and lack physical activity, it can lead to constipation. Sitting up for long can bend up your colon discouraging stools to pass out causing constipation.

I’m going to share with you some tips that you can follow to tackle constipation due to sitting too much. Let’s start!

Get Up!


So here’s the first constipation prevention tip for those who are into sitting jobs. Just a simple method, stand up, move around, stretch and get some water, OFTEN! There are many who are sort of chained to the desks if in customer service or a telephone exchange. But still, you can stand up, lean or stretch down from the chair. Try to do something at least once per hour to break the habitual position you sit in.

You can set a timer for an hour to remind yourself to get up from the chair, stretch and walk around.


Keep Water at your Desk


It is seen that people with sitting jobs often face the problem of dehydration. Coffees or tea in the morning and colas or other non-water beverages at the desk is the normal schedule. But you often forget to add water to this schedule. Colas and all such drinks can dehydrate your body. So, drinking water the whole day, in particular with a sitting job, is important for healthy removal of wastes. You can keep a bottle of water at your desk and sip it throughout.


Keep a check on your Computer Screen Position


Make sure that your computer screen is at an eye level. All day looking down at screen can put a strain on your colon causing constipation. Raise the screen of the computer to eye level. You can put books under your monitor. In case you use a tablet, don’t work on it by keeping it in your lap, this can cramp the colon area.


Eat Healthy at the Desk


Sitting on the chair and snacking on candies, refined sugar snacks or white flour crackers can lead to eliminatory problems. So, to help your stomach you must choose healthy snacks and keep them at your desk. You can try snacking on dry fruits, nuts or fresh fruits. If you like to eat crackers or cookies, go for whole grain or sprouted grain variety for more fiber. Fibrous foods help to ease the bowel movements.


Points to remember to relieve constipation from sitting too much

  • Sit with correct posture. Relax your shoulders; sit up straight with arms close to your sides. Computer screen at your eye level, feet flat on the floor and back straight. Place something behind your lower back for support.
  • Take advantage of your break time and move around. Try to make small movements like walk for 5-10 minutes or 5 minutes stair climbing.
  • Alternate between sitting and standing while working.
  • In the morning, night or both try to do some stretching exercises as it can relieve stress.

If you have a job that makes you sit in the same position for long hours and this is troubling your stomach. Then these little changes in your lifestyle can be a right solution for you.

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Along with these changes, to treat the problem of constipation you can go for something natural. Pet saffa natural laxative granules or tablets is an ayurvedic anti-constipation powder and keeps your stomach healthy. Its natural herbs are gentle on the walls of your stomach and don’t cause any side effects. Pet saffa is the best ayurvedic medicine for constipation.

Healthy lifestyle healthy you!

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Thank you.

Know how sitting too long can affect your Stomach Health
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