Know How Bad Lifestyle Habits Can Cause Constipation

Constipation is one of those subjects we often avoid to discuss in a polite conversation. But, with as many as one in five people experience it at some point in their lives. So, it becomes a topic of discussion.

The problem of constipation can be painful and frustrating if you’re experiencing it day after day. The stools remain inside the colon for a long time than required; creating discomfort and difficulty in passing out the waste.

This difficulty occurs because the colon absorbs more water from the food. This, in turn, makes the stools very hard and dry. It may lead a person to strain too much to pass out the excessively hard stools.

From various causes of constipation, today we’ll discuss one of the major ones. Some of your lifestyle habits are the reason for this traffic jam down in your stomach. Making slight changes in your routine life can help to relieve this problem.

Habits that cause constipation:


Not moving enough :


If you pass most of your time just sitting or lying down and don’t exercise, you can get constipated. Try to exercise every day, it’s not important to have an intense workout. Even a 15-minute walk can be helpful, just be regular!


Not taking enough Fiber :

Improper intake of fiber in your diet can be a cause of constipation. Having fibrous foods can help to keep more water and bulk in the intestines. This makes the stool soft and easier to pass out. Try to add high fiber foods in your meal plans like fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and cereals. But add them in a slow manner by eating too much at once can lead to constipation.


Not drinking enough water :

For the proper working of the digestive tract, intake of fluids especially water is important. No need to focus on drinking a certain number of glasses of water a day. Just keep a bottle of water with you and remember to drink from it all day. Drinks containing caffeine like coffee and soft drinks can make you more dehydrated.


Not sticking to a Bathroom Routine :


The longer the stools stay in your intestines, more difficult it becomes to get rid of them. To overcome this, try to have a bowel movement at the same time every day. This can help you be more regular. Eating can help to move the waste through your colon. So, you may go to the bathroom for 15-45 minutes after breakfast. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time and don’t be in a hurry.


Ignoring the urge to poop :

Not going to the washroom when you need to; this ignorance may leave you constipated. Maybe you don’t go because you’re busy or you don’t want to use a bathroom outside your home. But to get rid of constipation, avoid this. No matter where you are, use the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge.


Not having consistency in meals :

A regular eating timetable can be effective in delivering a regular bowel movement. Taking all of your calories from one or two large meals in the middle of the day can hinder the healthy bowel function. So, try to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and some healthy snacks) at regular time intervals throughout the day. When you eat is as important as what you eat.


Eating excess junk food and Dairy products :


Pizzas, burgers, and fries etc. all such junk food items are tempting to everyone. But anything in excess is bad. Taking a lot of dairy products the fatty ones and junk food can cause constipation. These foods are low in fiber and can slow down the process of digestion.

So, now you may know that poor lifestyle leaves you constipated. Try to replace them with healthy habits to get rid of constipation.

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Healthy habits for the healthy stomach!

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Know How Bad Lifestyle Habits Can Cause Constipation
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