Keep your Stomach Healthy in Winter

Winter is a time of eating some hot & spicy food items. Everyone just loves to enjoy the cold and breezy winter with a craving towards spicy foods. Although we are very fond of these food items, do you think these foods are good for health? The answer is “No”. The underlying cause of winter’s stomach problems includes eating of unsafe, spicy, fried foods without controlling winter’s craving.


Here’s we are going to describe some unhealthy habits which you should avoid to enjoy a happy winter.

  1. Avoid eating cold foods: While you are taking cold food items in your breakfast, it stimulates your gastric fluids, causing acidity & gas. Cold foods can cause contraction & poor blood circulation in the digestive system, resulting in indigestion. Eating of warm or relatively hot foods help in enhancing the blood circulation.
  1. Cook your food properly: Cold temperature decreases our immunity. Uncooked foods can give rise to some stomach ailments like vomiting, diarrhea. Therefore, properly cook your food in required temperature.
  1. Eat less & take it frequently: Eat smaller, more frequent foods to avoid indigestion. Start with the smaller portion of your favorite food to keep your stomach healthy.
  1. Eat slowly: Enjoy your foodstuff slowly. If you quickly finish your food, it will produce gas, bloating & abdominal cramps. Make a habit of eating food slowly to keep your stomach healthy.
  1. Safely preserve your food: Never keep perishable food at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. Maintain proper storage temperature for both cold and hot food items.
  1. Say no to acidic & fried food: Fatty food takes too much to digest and it increases the risk of heartburn. Acidic foods like coffee, citrus along with fried food cause acidity & heartburn.
  1. Hydrate your body: Everyday your body needs plenty of water to purify it. Winter is a season of dryness. Drink water as much as you can to clean your body from inside. Dehydration leads to nausea and constipation.
  1. Eat fruits & green vegetables: Add fruit such as pineapple, papaya, apple and green vegetables on your diet for providing good nutrition towards your body in the winter season. Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin C, associated with the enhanced immune function. To fight against winter sickness, you have to eat vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower to increase your immunity.
  1. Stay away from alcohol and carbonated beverages: Coffee, alcohol & carbonated beverages worsen the digestive system. Coffee stimulates gastric secretion and causes heartburn. The ingredients of soda cause harm to your digestive system.
  1. Eat root vegetables: Consuming roast carrots in winter days help in boosting beta-carotene level of our body. Boil turnips are a rich source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. During winter, these root vegetables are very beneficial for our health.
  1. Try some healthy & nutritious food: Oatmeal is considered as one of the best convenient food for breakfast. Oatmeal contains zinc & soluble fiber. Zinc is essential for proper immune function and soluble fiber is good for the heart.

Maintenance of good health requires some healthy food habits. To stay healthy, avoid those foods which are not good for your health. Enjoy your winter & feel every touch of cold and breezy winter with a good health. Hope this blog will provide some beneficial information about winter food habits. Wish you all a happy winter. Share your thoughts regarding the winter food habits in our comment section.

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Keep your Stomach Healthy in Winter
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