How to Avoid Constipation during Vacation?

One of the things we fear most when going on holiday is that we won’t feel well. The problem of upset stomach or being chronically constipated are two common things which can spoil your holiday. Such health issues leave us sitting in our hotel room feeling miserable watching others enjoying their vacations.

Constipation caused due to travelling can last for few days and in some cases even the whole holidays. This can make us feel sluggish, we are unable to enjoy the food and frustrated by a bloated belly.

However, do not despair, in this article we’ll discuss some simple tips by which you can avoid being constipated during your vacations. First let’s have a look on some points which cause constipation while travelling.

What are the Causes of Constipation during Vacations?

Change in Routine :

You probably don’t realize what routine addict you are, and in fact your body is. We have an internal body clock which gets disturbed completely while we are on vacation or travelling.


The internal clock tells us when to wake up, eat, sleep and yes, go to the toilet. Hence, change in routine is a big reason for being constipated.

Dehydration :

During vacations, you switch to drinking cocktails or an espresso at every street and corner. You often skip drinking water. All of these possibilities can cause dehydration which greatly increase the chances of you being constipated.

Going to a place where the weather is very hot can make you lose hydration because of sweating. Therefore, it is important if you are somewhere at a hot place or on an activity holiday, to drink more water. It will help you avoid becoming constipated.

Change in Diet :

This is one of the most obvious reasons! You may eat fiber rich diet at home like green veggies and fresh fruits. But during vacations you are not at all interested in eating those boring salads and vegetables.


New dishes like junk food, cheese, breads and meat excite you a lot. All these food items are not easily digested by the stomach and cause indigestion which in turn can mess up your whole system.

Resisting the Urge to Go :

This is also one of the causes of constipation during vacations because airports, airplanes, restaurants and hotel rooms are public places and we are not comfortable using them. Therefore, we resist the urge to poop and this holding in increases the tendency of being constipated. Stools become hard and impacted.

How to Avoid Constipation when on Holiday?

Reduce Jet Lag :

You must try to reduce the jet lag by slowly getting used to the time zone. Be careful with sleeping tablets because they can affect your digestive system. Try to sleep on the plane and don’t get into bed too early when you get there. Avoid taking caffeine and alcohol on the plane.

Stay Hydrated :

One of the biggest contributor to the constipation problem is a state of dehydration. When we don’t give our body enough fluids, it starts compensating by drawing water from the fecal matter that is within our intestines.


This makes the stools hard and difficult to pass thus leading to constipation. Therefore, you must make concerted efforts to drink plenty of fluids plain water, fresh juices and clear soups and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Take Fiber-Rich Diet :

Dietary fiber is very important for keeping your bowels moving. Eating high-fiber foods while on vacation can be a bit of challenge as you have many other options of mouth tempting dishes.


But for avoiding constipation, you must have foods with good amount of fiber like fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals and breads.

Mild Exercise :

Exercise helps relieve constipation and also maintains your overall health. You can use your extra time to go for a walk or jog. Yoga is good for bloating and constipation too, so you can do some of the moves before starting your day.


This will energize you as well. In case you are struck what to do, just jog on the spot for 10 minutes. Keep in mind sluggish day equals sluggish bowels.

Keep Natural Laxative Handy :

It’s better to carry a natural laxative while going on a vacation or traveling. Just in case you do get a bit constipated, or likely to get jet lagged, it’s better to take natural laxative. A bag of prunes in your suitcase is a good option.


The other option is that you can carry a bottle of Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules along with you. The 9 effective herbs and natural ingredients of it help relieve constipation and improve digestion.

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How to Avoid Constipation during Vacation?
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