How Serious is Constipation

While constipation is not such serious problem but in case of chronic conditions, It become difficult to suppress the pain. Moreover, Constipation is not a disease type, it is a Symptom. It can be due to various reasons, such as;

1. Dysbacteriosis: It is a condition where the normal, intestinal flora is dead and missing. This flora is responsible for several functions such as it is designated to protect the colon from inflammation, and production of Vitamin K (Responsible to Form Blood Clotting). It helps to form stools, soft and moist.

2. Difficulty of Muscle Involved in Elimination: Any type of problem in pelvic muscles involved in having a bowel movement may cause chronic constipation. In such condition, Pelvic muscles are unable to allow for a bowel movement and don’t coordinate relaxation and contraction correctly.

3. Hormones Imbalance: Disease condition such as diabetes, overactive parathyroid gland, Pregnancy and under active thyroid gland can cause constipation. It can cause constipation.

4. Medical Condition: Frequent constipation can be one of the major risk and signal of medical error or condition. It can be related to some serious medical problems.

5. Blockages in the Colon or Rectum: Blockages in the colon or rectum may slow or stop stool movement. It can be due to Anal fissure, Bowel obstruction, Colon cancer, Narrowing of the colon (bowel stricture), other abdominal cancer that presses on the colon, Rectal cancer and Rectocele.

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How Serious is Constipation
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