How Natural Herbs help to give Relief from Constipation

Constipation is an issue which people don’t feel like discussing with others. People often don’t understand that irregular bowel movements can affect their overall health. Bowel movements differ from person to person. If in a week you are not having at least three bowel movements, then you are suffering from constipation.

Poor digestion of food can cause constipation because this disturbs the process of waste removal. In constipation, the stools get dry and hard and hence it is not easy to pass them out. Constipation can also be a reason for other serious sicknesses.

Do you sometimes find yourself having digestive troubles, without knowing the reason? This can be very irritating as it creates problems in your routine life. In order to maintain a good digestive health, I suggest you take help of natural herbs. Let’s discuss how natural herbs help in doing this.

Herbs and their Benefits :

Our body feels more energy and strong immunity when the digestive system is in its best condition. Here are some herbs that can relieve constipation and poor digestion.

Senna Leaves :

Tea of Senna leaves is a strong laxative. If you are going through painful constipation, taking Senna tea can be helpful. Senna leaves stimulate the muscles of the colon.

Aloe Vera :


It is a super healing plant which eases digestion and treats constipation. You can take aloe vera juice or latex for smooth bowel movements.


Tulsi Seeds :

These are also called sabja seeds in Hindi. Soak these seeds and take it empty stomach for cleaning the inner stomach.

Fennel :

Saunf is a carminative herb and is often eaten after meals. It helps to reduce gas and speeds up the process of digestion.

Cardamom :


Elaichi is also an herb just like others and helpful in soothing gas and heartburn.

Amaltas :

If you are having constipation, Amaltas can be helpful. In a cup of water soak one tsp. Amaltas with one tsp. imli and leave it overnight. Next morning, mash it, remove the seeds, strain and drink it. Try this for a month to get relief from constipation.

Lemon Balm :

It is effective in treating bloating and digestive problems. It helps to make your stomach strong from inside. You can take lemon balm in form of tea by stirring the leaves.

Haritaki :

The common name is harad. It has properties of laxative and purgative. You can take harad powder after heavy meals for easy digestion of food.

Triphala :


Triphala contains three herbs in it – Amla, Harad and Baheda. It is a brown powder or churna which is good laxative and ayurvedic medicine for constipation.

Trivrit :

Also known as nisoth has cleaning and emptying properties. It helps the stomach to get rid of all the wastes and help to cure constipation.

Licorice  :

It is another safe herbal cure for constipation. It is known as Mulethi and is available in any grocery store. It is helpful in treating digestive problems like constipation, acidity, gas and many more.

Few general tips for Constipation :

  • Drinking plenty of water is important.
  • Include fibrous foods in your diet, insoluble fibers are helpful.
  • Do physical activities like go for walk, exercise, and yoga.
  • Eat Probiotic foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi etc.
  • Eating prunes or taking prune juice is also effective for constipation.
  • Start your day by doing at least 10 deep breathings from the stomach.
  • Eating too many nuts can clog the passage of food.
  • Stress out by doing meditation and yoga.

Constipation is uncomfortable and can cause depression. So, don’t be a victim of constipation anymore, use these tips and natural herbs in your daily life. This can help to keep your body free from constipation.

Besides all this, you can also go for the option of best ayurvedic medicine for constipation and acidity, Pet saffa. It is a complete blend of all the natural herbs and ayurvedic elements. Pet Saffa also contains ispaghula a fibrous content. It ensures proper cleansing of the stomach and regular bowel movements. Pet Saffa, a natural laxative is available in two forms; granules and tablets. The herbs of Pet Saffa are kind on the walls of the stomach and cause no harm to the digestive system. Pet Saffa is best Powder for constipation .


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How Natural Herbs help to give Relief from Constipation
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