Give your Stomach a Natural Therapy

Constipation has become one of the most common Medical conditions all over the World. Most of the people believe that constipation is a disease but they are mistaken because it’s just a symptom of some other medical problems one has been facing. It is also found that constipation is more common in women than men.  Women usually get constipated during their pregnancy period or after the childbirth. Older adults, people consuming low fibrous diet and those who are taking any medication or going through certain health problems are also more likely to be constipated.

Here’s a list of few symptoms of constipation:-

  • Passing fewer than three stools a week
  • Having lumpy or solid stools
  • A Feeling of rectum blockage that prevents bowel movements
  • Struggling to have bowel movements
  • Bloated abdomen, abdominal cramps, stomachache and nausea

Observe your stomach and bowel movements and try to find out whether you are having any of the symptoms of constipation. If yes, there’s nothing to worry about. Here you’ll find some key points for how to get instant relief from constipation naturally.

Medicines and treatments can show side effects on your body.  So it’s better to adopt natural remedies and Ayurveda.



1.  Take Plenty of  Water :-

As constipation is directly linked to dehydration in the colon, so you should make sure that you are drinking lots of water. When you’ll keep your body fully hydrated, lesser water will be withdrawn from colon. So it keeps your stool soft and easy to pass.

2.  Lemons :-

Lemons are always handy at home for adding a tangy twist to your food and for making refreshing lemonade. Lemons or specifically talking about lemon juice can help in treating constipation. The lemon oil flavonoids stimulate the Digestive system. The superabundance acids of lemon help to clear off your digestive tract. Squeeze out half a lemon and add it to lukewarm water. You can also add a pinch of rock salt or a half a tablespoon of table salt. Consuming this highly nutritious drink every morning empty stomach can prove to be a great help.

3.  Ajwain :-

Ajwain or the carom seeds contains thymol which smoothens the secretion of gastric juices and upgrades digestion also giving you instant relief from constipation naturally. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water mixed with ajwain powder is highly beneficial for constipation.

4.  Psyllium Husk (Isabgol):-

On being eaten the psyllium husk (isabgol) expands in the stomach and helps our stomach to push its contents out of our system. For instant relief from the constipation just take a glass of warm milk and add two spoons of isabgol to it. Drink this daily before going to bed.

5.  Castor Oil:-

Also known as Stimulant Purgative, castor oil is used as a treatment Aid for constipation. It may be used as a cleaner for intestines before persuading a bowel examination or a surgery. It mainly works by elevating the movement of intestines and thus helping the stools to pass out easily.

6.   Fennel Seeds:-

Consuming fennel seeds (saunf) after meal to freshen up one’s breath and for improving digestion has been followed traditionally. But wonders of fennel seeds are not limited up to these two purposes. Fennel seeds also help in increasing the frequency of bowel movements. So, if you are having a hard time with constipation, just add few grams of fennel seeds in your diet plan.

7.   Ginger Rhizome (Sonth):-

Sonth is nothing but Dry Ginger. The dried ginger is grinded and turned into powder form. This powdery substance also acts as an instant relief from constipation. A mixture of dried ginger, asafoetida, and rock salt added to a glass of warm water is all you need to set yourself free from indigestion and constipation.


Natural remedies are the best when it comes to dealing with constipation. Herbs play a great role in curing it. Ayurveda holds a great place for this purpose. Treat your stomach with all the ayurvedic products to get an instant relief from constipation.  Pet Saffa is a hub of all the ayurvedic components.


Pet Saffa is a best powder for constipation  natural laxative and comes in form of granules and tablets. So, if you want to give your stomach the benefits of all the herbs, Pet Saffa is the right choice for you. It supplies you with the best of all the natural elements in one single pack. Because Pet Saffa is composed by utilizing the power of natural elements which provide extraordinary results relieving constipation and other medical problems related to it.

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Give your Stomach a Natural Therapy
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