Foods You Should Avoid in Constipation

Most of the people suffer from the constipation problem. It is a problem where people find it difficult to have bowel movements.Usually, people get less than three bowel moments per week. If you have less than one bowel movement per week, you can suffer from constipation.

The main reason for this health issueis your eating habits. The food you take contributes a lot to maintain your digestive system.

So, today we will discuss some food items that you need to avoid to prevent constipation.


Bananas :

When it comes to constipation foods that need to be avoided, bananas become a riddle. Many people confuse themselves with the thing that either they should have bananas or skip.

So, here is the answer to this question!

Both unripe and ripe bananas work in a different manner. If you take unripe bananas, you can suffer from constipation. And if you prefer ripe ones, you can get constipation relief.




Unripe bananas contain a lot of starch due to which your stomach suffer more. Your body always finds it difficult to digest high quantity of starch. Moreover, this fruit also contain fibers, which draw water from the intestines toward the stool.

The constipation condition can become worse if you are already dehydrated.


Apricots :

No doubt fruit are essential to keep you fit and fine. However, some dieticians say apricots should be taken in control if you have irregular bowel movements.




According to them, dried apricots can contribute to suffering you more from stomach pain.


Alcohol :

Alcohol is another main cause of constipation issue. It can slow digestion and irritate the bowel, which results in worse constipation symptoms.

So, you should reduce the intake of the alcoholic drinks. Instead of it, taking water and fresh juices can be right alternative to combat the situation.


Chocolate :

You should say bye to chocolate if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Maybe you are a passionate lover of chocolate. But, you don’t how your attraction towards this sweet or chocolaty food can make your digestive system worse.




A large amount of fat in chocolate can slow the digestion process. According to a study in Germany, people who suffer from constipation are mostly chocolate lovers (whose consumption is more the normal intake).


Dairy products :

The large intake of dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream is also oneof major constipation causes. The lactose in dairy can increase gas and bloat that can make a person feel weird.




Persons who reduce milk in their regular diet get regular bowel movements.


Supplements :

Many people take iron and calcium supplements to stay fit and fine. But, those supplements can also cause constipation. Ideally, you should take such diet that includes all necessary nutrients. While your doctor recommends you take some supplements in some critical health cases, start taking food with additional fiber.




People with anemia and osteoporosis take supplements of iron and calcium respectively. Sometimes these supplements can cause stomach issues. So, it’s always better to have a healthy and suitable diet.


Processed and Frozen Food :

Processed foods such as white bread, pastries, chips, frozen meals, and hot dogs contain a lot of fat. Additionally, these food items also contain a lot of salt that slows down digestive system process.

So, always try to move toward fruit and veggies and also drink enough quantity of water. Water not only improves your digestive system but also keeps you hydrated.


Fast Food :

No other thing can be worse than fast food for your stomach. Fast food can be a big enemy of yours. So, it’s always recommended to stay away from junk food for the accurate constipation relief.




Instead of buying a packed burger, you can make it at home. You can add nutritious vegetables to your burger can eliminate the pain of constipation.


Red Meat :

Red meat is high in fat, so, it takes a long duration to digest.  Besides this, it has also strong protein fibers that can also be difficult to process in your digestive system.




As earlier mentioned, food with high iron also causes constipation. And red meat is one of those foodstuffs which carry a high quantity of Iron.

So, it’s better to stop having this foodstuff before you start suffering more.

These are some foodstuffs that are always on priority for the effective constipation cure. Additionally, you can also take Pet Saffa (Natural Laxative Granules) – effective in relieving gastrointestinal discomforts. You can try it and keep your stomach pain-free.




Or You Can Buy Pet Saffa Granules

Remember one thing, if you are away from stomach issues, your overall health will improve.

So, without much delay, you should start focusing on your diet to live a healthy life.

If you find this article interesting, please like it, share it and comment below.

Stay healthy and live your life with full passion.

Thank You!


Foods You Should Avoid in Constipation
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