Exercises which will help to Stimulate Bowel Movements

Constipation often causes pain and difficulty when you go to the bathroom – and it is an uncomfortable topic to discuss. This makes the chances of getting relief more elusive. This problem becomes more common as you age.

This issue can be a result of many underlying medical conditions or something simple like stress, poor diet or lack of exercise. Hence, to get relief from constipation you need to change your lifestyle a bit.

Along with a healthy diet, exercise is important to stay healthy and fit. With multiple health benefits, exercise can help in improving the efficiency of the digestive tract. It decreases the time taken in moving the food through the large intestine. This limits the quantity of water your body absorbs from the stool making the stools dry and harder to pass. Regular exercising can help to stimulate the natural contractions of muscles in the intestines. When these muscles will squeeze better, stools will move in a quick manner.

You don’t have to be a Zumba fighter or exercise fanatic. To move the things in the right direction – you can try some of the easy exercises.

Let’s discuss these in detail to get relief from constipation. 

 Cardio :

The 30-minute session of cardio can help in the pumping of blood and stimulates a bowel movement in a fast manner. Having a walk or jog at a moderate speed is enough.


But avoid jogging in case you have an upset stomach because of constipation. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your session. Besides hydration, it will help to lubricate the intestines.

Abs Exercise :

For a healthy bowel movement, working the abdominal muscles in a rhythmic fashion can be helpful. This exercise can increase the blood flow to the gut and activates the movement of food. It can help to push the stool through the colon in a fast manner than it would have otherwise. Some of the effective choices are crunches, reverse crunches and butterfly crunches.

 Yoga  :

Some of the yoga poses can be beneficial as they can reduce stress and increase the flow of blood to the digestive tract.


This results in contraction of the intestine and easing the bowel movements. Below is one of the easy stretches you can do morning, afternoon or night:

  • Cow and Cat Pose :

First of all, come to your hands and knees position on the floor; then place your knees beneath your hips and the crease of your wrists below your shoulders, palms on the floor. Point your fingers forward and engage your core.

  • Cat phase  :

Exhale in a gentle manner and tuck your tail under, using abdominal muscles to push your spine up toward the ceiling, making the shape of an angry cat. Try to stay in this position for 10-30 seconds.

  • Cow phase  :

Use the abdominal and low back muscles, and inhale as you tip your tail toward the ceiling. Allow the stomach to stretch towards the floor.   Stay in this position for 10-30 seconds before returning to your starting position.

Crescent Twist :

This pose twists the body even more than the seated twisting positions; hence it’s great for massaging the digestive tract and helping the movement of food through the body. For getting into this position, stand straight up, go down into a lunge. Keep your forward foot over your knee and keep your back leg straight and balanced on the ball of your foot. After that keep your hands in prayer position and turn down towards the bent leg. Put your arm on the outside to support the bent leg. Hold for 10 deep breaths and then switch the side.

Wind Relieving Pose :

This pose must be a staple in your routine exercise schedule. This position is ideal for reducing bloat and gas. Plus it can help to stimulate the colon, small intestine, and stomach. This helps to improve the overall digestion.


Just lie flat on your back with both legs stretched out straight in front of you. Then in a slow manner bring the right knee up to your chest and hold with both arms for 20 breaths. Stretch again and repeat with the other side. After that, draw both the legs into the chest and hold for completing the stretch.

So, these are some of the exercises you can do to keep your stomach in a good health. Take a healthy diet and stay hydrated to ease the bowel movements.


Along with these exercises, taking Pet Saffa an ayurvedic formulation and a rich blend of herbs will be a good option too.  The herbs of Pet Saffa are gentle on the stomach walls and help to relieve the problem of constipation. Pet Saffa is also known as Powder for constipation Relief.

Be Active to Stay Healthy!

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Exercises which will help to Stimulate Bowel Movements
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