Easy Tips You Should Follow For a Healthy Gut

A gut is a system in your body. It is responsible for digestion. Good digestion is important for your health. There are many bacteria inside your gut and it is not a bad thing. So, there’s nothing to worry about. These bacteria, in reality, are helpful. They convert the food you eat into energy.  Such bacteria are called probiotics. Improper balance of these can create stomach problems. Few of such stomach problems are:-

  • Gas
  • Stomach swelling
  • Diarrhea
  • Irregular stools
  • Pain in stomach
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

Gut breaks down your food into simple parts. It separates out the vitamins and minerals.  It has to work a lot for your body. So, it’s important to keep it healthy. But, in our modern world, it’s not easy to maintain this.


Reasons for Imbalance of Gut

  • Low fiber, high sugar, and poor nutrient diet.
  • Overuse of medications.
  • Taking steroids and antibiotics.
  • Improper working of digestive enzymes.
  • Long-lasting stomach infections.
  • Stress which leads to stomach issues

Also, the diseases which are not related to gut- like eczema or arthritis are too a result of this problem. So, to get better, keep a focus on it. I’m sharing with you few easy tips you should follow for a healthy gut.


Eat High-Fiber Rich Diet


A high-fiber diet helps to keep the food moving through your digestive tract. This will lower the chances of constipation. So, make sure to take in sufficient fibers from foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains.


Limit the intake of Fats


Fatty foods slow down the digestive processes. This increases the chances of constipation. But, removing fats from your diet is not a good option. So, try to pair up fatty foods with high fiber diet. This makes them go easy on your digestive system.


Add fermented foods to your diet

Fermented foods are a good source of probiotics.Hence, eating fermented foods introduce good bacteria to your gut. Some of the top fermented foods are:-

  • Yogurt
  • Soy Sauce
  • Kimchi
  • Tofu (Soya Paneer)


Take less refined sugar


Refining of sugar involves the removal of all the impurities and coloring components. This refined sugar cause problems like swelling, weight gain, and imbalance of hormones. Besides this, it increases the growth of bad bacteria. This upsets your stomach.


Lower your stress level


There is a connection between the brain and gut. Whenever you are under stress, the brain sends chemicals to it. These chemicals may disturb the working of the gut.

Few tips to reduce stress: –

  • Meditation– It can give you amazing results. Just take out some time, breathe and concentrate.
  • Aromatherapy– Aromatherapy makes use of necessary oils. Source of these oils are plants. It is an ancient practice for managing stress.
  • Exercise– Being active and doing physical exercise is good for stress reduction.
  • Diet– Eating habits put a great impact on your stokmach health. Some stress relieving foods are dark chocolate, citrus fruits, walnuts, garlic, and oatmeal, etc.
  •  Laughter– As you know, laughter is the best therapy. It lowers your stress level. So, catch a funny friend and turn on a comedy. Your stomach will be thankful to you.


Plan your eating timetable

Taking your meals and snacks at a regular time is helpful for gut fixation. So, take your three important meals breakfast, lunch and dinner at proper time every day.


Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is good for digestive system. It helps your colon to create softer stools. This allows the stools to pass out with ease.


There is a relationship between the food you eat and your digestive health. Following these tips can make this relationship happier. Fixing your gut may take time, but it can be done. So, all you need to do is, work upon it. This can be done by following the above tips and notice the changes yourself.

You can also use Pet Saffa products for a cleaning your stomach. Pet Saffa comes in two forms. One is Pet Saffa natural laxative granules or tablets. These products are composed of the combination of different herbs and spices. Pet Saffa is an Ayurvedic medicine for gas and constipation. It can help you to fix your stomach and keep it healthy.


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A healthy gut means a healthy life.


Easy Tips You Should Follow For a Healthy Gut
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