Drinking Water while eating – Is it good or bad?

Water is a vital element of the Body. The water you take in through foods and drinks does a lot for your body. Water helps to complete various biochemical processes of your body like absorption, digestion, circulation, excretion and many more. Water keeps your body hydrated and can give moisture to your skin. Drinking water empty stomach boosts up your metabolism and can help to burn calories faster. Water also helps to remove the waste products from the body through the process of excretion. The problem of constipation can also be tackled by drinking sufficient amount of water; this makes the stool soft and easy to pass out.

But there are many false beliefs related to the habit of drinking water. There’s an old age saying that it is not good to drink water while you are having your meal. There’s a belief that if you drink water when you are eating, your digestive processes will be disturbed.

Let’s discuss how true or false these beliefs are :

  • Levels of stomach acid –

One of the old beliefs is that, drinking water while eating can lower down the acid levels of the stomach. After many clinical trials, the doctors state that intake of water during meals has nothing to do with stomach acids.


  • Just like Habits and Tolerance level differs from person to person. Reactions of the digestive system to drinking water also differ. So, for people claiming that drinking water while eating bloats their stomach, no scientific studies give proof for this.


The other side of the story :

Drinking water while eating may not have bad effects on stomach processes, it fills up the stomach and reduces the diet. Doctors also suggest drinking a good amount of water before eating, if you want to lose weight as it can decrease your diet.


Proven benefits of drinking water :

Most clinical tests and reports of doctor are a proof for this debatable topic. According to them, drinking water during meals can be beneficial.  Some of these benefits are:-


  • Liquefaction of food in the stomach :

Water helps to break down the food and converts it into liquid form so that body can absorb nutrients from it.

  • Prevents constipation :

Constipation is a result of colon dehydration; make sure you drink plenty of water in a day.

  • Softening of stools :

When your body will be hydrated, there will be less loss of water from your colon making the stools soft and easy to pass.

  • Stops bloating :

Water is a natural method to reduce toxins and also for keeping your intestines clean.

  • Help in the absorption of nutrients :

Our blood needs enough water to transport nutrients to body parts for absorption.

  • Helps to control the hunger signals and thus can help in losing weight.


Helpful Tips :

Considering the information given above it appears that keeping your body hydrated throughout the day is beneficial. You can avoid drinking too much water, alcohol and also acidic drinks with your meal. Try to drink warm water. Drinking a small glass of water will not disturb digestion. You can also add lemon or apple cider vinegar as it can help the digestive processes to occur with ease.

Thus we can conclude that drinking water during meals is a personal choice and has no bad effects. In fact, drinking water while eating can be helpful to you. However, if you are not comfortable with this, you can prefer to drink water after the meal, as long your stomach is fine with it. This will not cause any bad effects on the digestive system. Sometimes it is important to go with feelings and wants of your body rather than sticking to information. So, listen to your body.


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Drinking Water while eating – Is it good or bad?
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