Constipation while Traveling: how to avoid it?

While packing important things for traveling, most people are planning some different strategies. The tactics for how to prevent constipation because no one likes to be a sick person while away from home. The situation of being constipated while traveling can be uncomfortable and stressful. It can spoil your happy mood and makes traveling difficult for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss some points which can keep your bowels moving. Your stomach will not disturb you while you’ll be busy seeing the new parts of the world.

Constipation in simple words is a condition of having less than three bowel movements in a week. Another definition of constipation is experiencing stools which are small, hard and difficult to pass. While traveling, you don’t want to stop in between so that you can get to your destination sooner. But sitting for so long in a continuous manner can put stress on your bowels. Let’s look out some other reasons behind constipation while traveling.


Why can Traveling cause Constipation?

There are many reasons that can change the speed of processes of the digestive system. In return, it gives you an annoying problem; Constipation. Some of the main reasons are: –


Changes in your normal routine Life :

Being far away from home can disturb your normal routine life. This is because you are in a different environment and your comfort level changes.


Changes in the Diet and Timing of Meals :


While traveling, you are not able to follow your normal meal timetable. Like there is no fixed time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You keep on munching on something to avoid boredom and while chit-chatting with your traveling partners. Your diet also changes as you eat unhealthy foods.


Less intake of Water or Dehydration :


You tend to drink less water while traveling thinking that then you may have to stop for urination. Instead of drinking water, you take soft drinks and all. This can dehydrate your body and causes constipation.


Sitting in the same posture for a long time :

If you keep sitting in the same posture for a longer time without any movement, it can put stress on the bowels. Any stress to bowels means difficulty to pass out the stools and hence causing constipation.


Not able to respond to urges of Bowel Movements :

This is a very common problem one faces while traveling. Often because of no immediate access to the bathroom, you resist the urge to poop. This resist can be a reason for constipation.


Jet lag Issues :

Jet lag involves the changes in the body due to the experience of changing time zones. This disturbs your sleep cycles and digestive system.

Now let’s discuss some things that you can help you to keep the things moving in the digestive tract while traveling.


Drink plenty of Water :

Taking less amount of water is one of the biggest contributors to constipation. Drinking less amount of water makes our body to take water from the fecal matter making the stools hard and dry. For some strange reasons, our bowel movements don’t like to pass out hard stools. So it is important to drink plenty of water while traveling.


Try to avoid taking drinks which are alcoholic or contain caffeine like tea or coffee. These drinks in actual are dehydrating and cause lack of water in the body.


Pay attention to the signals given by the Body :

Whenever your body gives you a signal that it is ready for a bowel movement, don’t ignore it. Try your best to get a bathroom as soon as you can. Ignoring this urge can worsen the situation of constipation. This can harden the stools and remember harder the stool; more difficult is to pass them out.


Take out time for Meals :

One of the common things everyone does while traveling is to eat meals in a hurry. The problem is that our stomach doesn’t understand these on-go-snacks as a meal. So, whenever possible, try to sit down, slow down and enjoy a full meal.


 Eat a good amount of Fiber :


For keeping the bowel movements smooth and moving, fiber intake is a must. Taking fibrous diet while traveling can be a tough task but a little attention can find what you need. Good sources of fibers are fruits, vegetables, and whole grain cereals and bread.


Try to move your Body :

Travelling often involves a lot of time sitting, which can be in a car, on train, airports or airplanes. To help your digestive system do a little bit of movement in between. Like while waiting for a train, bus or airplane you can take a walk. While traveling in a car, you plan for road stops, so that you can stretch up your body.

Try to stay relax and stress-free as it can help the digestive system is doing its job. So, now you know the reasons behind constipation while traveling. Try to avoid them and keep in mind these points to avoid constipation during traveling.


For severe constipation problem, you can carry the best ayurvedic medicine for constipation with you. I’m talking about Pet Saffa natural laxative granules; it is an ayurvedic remedy for constipation. It is a mixture of 11 natural and ayurvedic herbs that can help to improve your digestion and keep you free from constipation.

Stay healthy to stay happy!

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Thank you.

Constipation while Traveling: how to avoid it?
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