Constipation: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Everyone in their lives has suffered through a problem like Constipation. It is due to weak digestive power, resulting from irregular and incorrect eating patterns including lowfiber intake, lack of fluid intake etc. A sedentary lifestyle also triggers constipation. Irregularities in routine & lifestyle, lacking exercise and restricted movement are the major reasons behind constipation. Every problem starts with smaller symptoms. Although constipation is often looked upon as a common problem, if not treated or if treatment is delayed, it can lead to further problems such as fissures, fistulas, piles, lack of appetite and indigestion.

In Ayurveda, Constipation or Vibandh is referred as inability to completely evacuate the bowels or passing very hard stools. Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, fear, and sadness are the triggering factor for Constipation. Let’s discuss the Ayurvedic perspective for Constipation along with Vata- pacifying lifestyle:

The Ayurvedic Perspective:

According to Ayurveda, undigested food and occult stool slowly accumulate in the stomach and large intestines respectively. It impairs Vata Dosha, leading obstruction of the digestive tract. The body will not be able to facilitate proper bowel movement if the digestive tract is not clear. Constipation occurs when vata’s cold and dry qualities disturb the colon. It prevents the proper functioning of the colon. According to Ayurveda, the remedy is to add warmth, oil, and hydration to the system to counter the excess vata.

The following strategies specifically helpful for treating vata’s cold and dry qualities and can provide normal bowel movements:

Ayurveda highlights the importance of healthy elimination and offers some general tips for supporting proper elimination:

1. The Importance of Healthy Digestion:The-Importance-of-Healthy-Digestion

On the basis of Ayurvedic concept of agni, the metabolic fire plays an important role in maintaining health and vitality throughout the body. Symptoms in the channels of elimination are frequent result of broader imbalances with agni. Our digestive system depends on the specific function of agni, balancing proper digestion.

2. The Importance of Agni:

Both healthy and impaired Agni affects our Digestion, resulting different stomach related issues like constipation, indigestion, gas and acidity etc. Impaired agni not only affects digestive system but it also takes a toll on our overall health.

3. The Four Varieties of Agni :

In Ayurveda,four varieties of Agni (digestive fire) are found. Each one correlates to a specific dosha type.

The-Four-Varieties-of-AgniVishama Agni: Related to Vata dosha andshows an imbalance of wind in the body. Common symptoms include Constipation, gas, bloating and gurgling after food intake.

Tikshna Agni: Related to Pitta dosha, revealing an imbalance of fire in the body.Heartburn, acidity indigestion, dry mouth, hot flashes, and inflammation are the common symptom.

Manda Agni: Correlated with Kaphadosha and shows disruption of the water and earth element in the body. Slow metabolism, excessive weight, allergies and an overall feeling of heaviness are the common symptoms.

Sama Agni: A complete harmony of three doshas. Sama agni is a feeling of vitality, energy, and fulfillment after a meal.

 4. Ama: the Antithesis of Agni

Ama is called as a toxic, undigested material, containing qualities that directly oppose to Agni. Ama in the body can either be the result of impaired Agni for imbalanced doshas.

Vata-Pacifying Lifestyle:Vata-Pacifying-Lifestyle

According to Ayurveda, You have to follow a daily routine in order to balance your all Doshas. Adopting a daily routine is also a very important and enduring act of self-love. Each day, our routines help us to prioritize our own health and wellness. Furthermore, committing to a daily routine provides an improved sense of wellness in a short period of time. Let’s have a look at the Ayurvedic rules to get relief from constipation and stomach related issue.

1.To balance Vata’s cold quality, drink a lot of hot or warm waterper day.

2. To pacify Vata, eat plenty of fibrous and hydrating fruits.

3. Increase the Quantity of Organic Oils like sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Ghee, Castor oil in Your Diet.

 4. Maintain a regular, daily routine with regular times for eating, sleeping, working, etc.

 5. Meditation, Pranayama is a good solution for Constipation and overall health issues.

Vata-Pacifying Herbal Remedies:

Herbs are the best choice when it comes to balancing the Doshas. Ayurveda is mainly based on the use of herbs and herbal combinations. Some formulation containing medicinal herbs are especially useful for balancing vata.


Pet Saffa is Natural Laxative Granules & Tablets are a rich blend of Vata Pacifying herbs like Triphala, Ajwain, Saunf, Seena, Haritaki, Amaltash, Sonth, Jeera etc. It is developed under stringent quality parameters to maintain regular bowel movements. Pet Saffa is formulated by utilizing the power of natural ingredients which provides astonishing results in relieving gastro-intestinal discomforts with long lasting effects.Pet Saffa is highly beneficial in chronic constipation, indigestion, abdominal bloating and other problems associated with constipation.

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PetSaffa Provides an Ultimate Relief from Constipation with the Goodness of Effective Natural-Herbs

Hope you liked this blog. Please share your opinion and advice regarding healthy habit in our comment section below.


Constipation: An Ayurvedic Perspective
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    • Ashtamoorthy September 3, 2018 Reply

      I am taking pet saffa for about 2 weeks. The Bowes is completely eliminated.. I feel completely energetic. I want to know whether It will do any harm to heart and blood pressure.
      Awaiting your response.
      Best regards.
      VMA Namboodiri.

      • Admin September 4, 2018 Reply

        Thanks for your query.
        Pet Saffa is completely Ayurvedic and it does not harm to heart and blood pressure.
        Have a good day!

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