Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation Pain in Childrens

Constipation is a Common Symptom in Children due to which they feel difficulty in passing faces or unusually dry stool. Constipation is an irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowel. It can be due to muscle contraction and any disturbance in metabolic system. As most of the water is absorbed in the colon and when it reaches to rectum then it became dry and solid. The Common Cause of the Constipation in children is junk food and taking low fiber diet.

Cause of Constipation in Children:

Diet: Children prefer to take junk food and low fiber diet, which cause constipation. Instead of low fiber diet, high fiber diets for children are recommended, as they are less likely to become constipated.

Not Enough Liquid: Liquids like water and juice add fluid to the colon and bulk to stools, making bowel movements softer and easier to pass. Other liquids, like coffee and soft drinks that contain caffeine seem to have a dehydrating effect.

Ignoring the Urges: Mostly children ignore the urge to have a bowel movement which may eventually stop feeling the urge, which can lead to constipation.

Specific Disease: Diseases that cause constipation include neurological disorders, metabolic and endocrine disorders, and systemic conditions such as IBD (irritable bowel movement) affect organ systems.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation Pain in Children Pet SaffaFor Constipation in Children, you can try Pet Saffa Natural Laxative powder which is one of the best laxative brands in India. The main reason of Ayurvedic powder uniqueness is its quality standard ingredients. Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Natural laxative formulation is completely free from side-effects and doesn’t form any type of addition to the body. In constipation, most of water from intestine lost due to slow bowel movement, which cause stools dry, hard and difficult to pass. Pet Saffa granules helps to attract more water in colon, which cause easy bowel movements and provides a constant relief from constipation. You can use Pet Saffa Powder on daily basis until you are not getting proper regular bowel movement. Once you get a proper urges and bowel movement then you can easily discontinue the use of Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Powder. As pet saffa constipation churna doesn’t form any type of addiction and adversity. Children can take 1 tablespoon of PetSaffa Natural Laxative Powder along with luke warm water two times a day.

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation Pain in Childrens
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