5 Things You Should Never Do When You’re Constipated

Every individual experiences stomach issues like constipation, indigestion, abdominal pain in their life. Constipation is the most Common Digestive Problem. Many factors trigger problems like Constipation, acidity, and indigestion which include irregularities in routine & easy lifestyle, lack of exercise and restricted movement, unhealthy food habits are the major reasons behind constipation problem. Do you aware of the fact “What things should be avoided when you are constipated?”  You should properly Maintain Your Diet and take care of your health to prevent and get quick relief from this unpleasant condition. You’ll have to follow some Healthy Tips to ease the constipation problem.

Let’s have a look at the following points which should be avoided while constipation associated with abdominal bloating and abdominal pain.

5 Things to be avoided:


1. Avoid eating processed food :

Foods that contain little or no fiber take a longer time to pass through the intestine. At this time the colon soaks up more water, triggering constipation. Therefore, cut down the intake of processed food to reduce your constipation problem. Several food items like breads, pasta contain fructose which sometimes causes problems like abdominal bloating, constipation, diarrhea and gas. Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts are natural high fiber containing food. However, eating too much fiber too quickly sometimes causes bloating and gas. So, try to gradually increase your fiber intake.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol :

If you are constipated, then try to limit your alcohol intake. Drinking alcohol inhibits anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), resulting diuresis, or urination. More diuresis can cause dehydration, ultimately resulting in constipation problem and makes it worse. Adequate daily fluid intake is essential to hydrate our body. And if you find it difficult to drink water every time, then drink some fruit juice like prune juice which will prevent constipation problem too.

3. Cut down dairy intake :

We usually feel problems like abdominal bloating and gas while we eat dairy products frequently. Dairy products are the frequent cause of abdominal bloating. Abdominal problems after eating dairy product occurs due to deficiency of the lactase enzyme in the gut. Lactase helps to break dairy products into simple sugars that are absorbed by the small intestines. Dairy products contain a high amount of lactose including cow’s milk, ice cream, creams, and processed cheeses. The dairy product can make your constipation worse.  So, try to avoid dairy products while you are constipated.

4. Avoid taking Iron or calcium supplement :

A proper amount of iron and calcium is required to keep our health and bone strong. However, it is observed that people often experience constipation problem after consuming these supplements. These supplements slow down the contractions of the GI system. So if you are using those medicines and frequently constipated, then pick some other sources like eating more of high iron and calcium rich food to manage your medical requirement of such medications.

5. Stay active :

A low level of physical activity is a major risk factor for constipation. Due to fewer movements of the body, food takes too much time to pass through the large intestine, or colon, triggering constipation problem. This is due to decreased gut movement and less blood flow to the gut. Exercise increases blood flow to the vital organs of the body, including the digestive tract, and it also boosts metabolism. Therefore, if you are constipated, never think to skip out your fitness routine.

Changes in your lifestyle and diet often play an important role to unclog your digestive tract.  Enjoy a healthy living by changing your diet. A healthy outside start from the inside, so take proper care of your health.

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Hope you enjoyed this article. How you manage your constipation problem?  Do share your opinion and advice in our comment section below.



5 Things You Should Never Do When You’re Constipated
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