5 Home Remedies Relief of Stomach Pain

A Stomach Pain is a very common problem that can be experienced at varying degrees of discomfort and related symptoms. You can experience mild to sharp pain in the Stomach or Abdomen, Stomach Cramps, Gas, Nausea, Diarrhea, Bloating and Vomiting.

Some Common Causes of Stomach Aches are Constipation, Indigestion, Gastric Reflux, Heartburn, Overeating, a Stomach Infection and Lactose Intolerance.

There are Some Common Home Remedies that can helps to get Relieve from Constipation.

ginger1. Ginger:
• Cut one medium-size fresh ginger root into thin slices.
• Bring one cup of water to a boil and add the ginger slices. Boil for three minutes, and then simmer for another five minutes.
• Remove from heat, strain, and add honey to taste
• Sip it slowly.
• Drink ginger tea two or three times a day to ease stomach ache and improve digestion.
fennel2. Fennel
• Add one teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds to a cup of hot water and let it steep for eight to 10 minutes. Remove from heat, allow it to cool and strain it. Add a little honey and drink it slowly.
• Alternatively, you can chew one or one and one-half teaspoon of fennel seeds after a meal.
Lemon & Baking Soda
• Add the juice from one lemon, one teaspoon of baking soda and one-quarter teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water.
• Drink it immediately, before the fizz fizzles out.
• Use this remedy three times a day until your stomach ache is reduced.
peppermint3. Peppermint
• Two to three cups of peppermint tea can ease a stomach ache. To make the tea, add one teaspoon of dried peppermint to a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for five to 10 minutes, strain and add a little honey. Sip the tea slowly.
• Alternatively, you can chew some fresh peppermint leaves from time to time for quick relief.
Apple Cider Vinegar
• Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water.
• Add one tablespoon of honey.
• Drink this solution every few hours until the stomach pain is gone.


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5 Home Remedies Relief of Stomach Pain
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